Repeat Search is a free online tool that enables you to store your favourite eBay searches. This service is of huge benefit to collectors who consistently run the same eBay searches on a regular basis. This tour provides an overview on how to create your own search page. Demo repeat search pages can be found here.

When you create an account you will be directed to your member home, which will list your search pages. You can create additional search pages by clicking on corresponding link.

Your search pages can be modified in terms of URL, title, search box size and privacy settings. Each search page will have the URL The privacy settings enable you to set who can view and edit your search page. For viewing, three options are available (public, your computer, and password protected). For editing, two settings are available (your computer, and password protected). Click on the VIEW link to view the corresponding search page.

At your search page you can view, edit and delete content without having to refresh the page. To create a search box, click on the ‘Add a Search Box’ link at the top of the page.

Choose a name for your search box and the box will appear on the search page.

Click on the green Add icon to add the first eBay search to your box.

Complete the form to add an eBay search.

Your eBay search will now appear on your search page.

Below is a screenshot of a demo search page. You can view more demos here.